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Commercial Solar


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commercial solar  Commercial Projects

Commercial panels generally have more wattage to allow for more power with less panels. Sizing commercial projects require more in-depth analysis than residential projects. We offer a fixed cost for inspection, design and estimate that can be offset if the proposal is approved and accepted.  

solar panels save on electricity bills  Desirable ROI 

The rate on return ranges between 7-9 years. Depending on your local utility and product you choose. Commercial funding is available for qualified business to take advantage of very low rates while maintaining cash control. 

best solar panels  Tier 1 Solar Panels

  • 25 years warranty
  • Advanced technology
  • High efficiency 
  • Strong impact rating

  • best-solar-panels

    Top Quality Products

  • 25-year-warranty

    25+ Years Warranties

  • home-solar-system

    High Performance Efficiency


Can I finance commercial solar projects?

YES. We work with lenders that support commercial projects at very low interest rates.

Does commercial buildings have the same utility rates as residential?

No. There are many factors that changes with commercial projects. They tend to have a higher "FIXED" charge and rates changes with usage.

Are commercial solar panels the same as residential?

NO. Commercial solar panels have a higher output rating.

Ho much can I expect to save on my solar project?

It depends on the offset the solar can provide. Rule of thumb is between 7-9 years.

Does the solar tax incentive apply to commercial solar projects?

YES. While Florida only has a federal tax incentive. you can claim 26% of the total cost of the project.

Can I add storage to my commercial solar system?

YES. Although you might not be able to back up the entire building. We can have dedicated loads to all your essentials.


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